Detroit: Second person arrested for the stabbing of Samantha Woll charged with murder

The Wayne County prosecutor charged Michael Jackson-Bolanos, 28, with murder, home invasion and lying to police.

The investigation into the stabbing of Isaac Agree Synagogue President Samantha Woll in Detroit continues. Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy charged the second person arrested for this crime, Michael Jackson-Bolanos, with homicide felony murder.

These are not the only charges the 28-year-old man faces. Worthy also charged him with crimes of lying to a peace officer and home invasion, CBS learned. However, the county prosecutor clarified in statements collected by the AP that there is no evidence to prove that Jackson-Bolanos previously knew Woll or that the murder was a hate crime:

There are no facts to suggest this defendant knew Ms. Woll. This was an extraordinarily sad and tragic case. This takes time. We never want to rush to judgment.

Investigation into Woll's death potentially resolved after two months

The lack of prior acquaintance may be the reason why it has taken authorities so long to find the suspect responsible for Woll's murder. However, according to Police Chief James White, Jackson-Bolanos "came on our radar a few weeks ago," specifically when authorities were investigating several robberies in the area.

However, they couldn't arrest him until they had enough evidence: "This is not a case you can solve like on television. Hours and hours of evidence, hours and hours of video, of phone work, seven days a week."

Jackson-Bolanos pleaded not guilty to all charges during his appearance before the 36th District Court. After this, authorities once again ordered that he be held in prison without bail. His lawyer, Brian Brown, assured that he believed in Jackson-Bolanos' innocence: "I don’t necessarily agree with the charges. We’ll wait for the evidence," Brown clarified.

The indictment comes two months after Woll's body was found. According to the initial evidence gathered during the investigation, the president of Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue was stabbed inside her home on Detroit's East Side. After receiving a fatal wound, Woll managed to make it to her front yard before bleeding to death.