DeSantis sinks in New Hampshire: Overtaken by Haley's rise to second while Christie moves into third place

Trump continues with a wide lead of 40 points over his immediate pursuer. Ramaswamy occupies the fifth position.

New Hampshire has turned the Republican primary landscape upside down. Although Donald Trump continues to largely lead the voting intentions of conservatives, the order of his competitors has suffered a significant change: DeSantis sinks to fourth place, ahead now is Nikki Haley - the big winner of the survey - and Chris Christie.

DeSantis loses 10 points between March and November, Haley gained 11

According to the latest Emerson College survey, the former president comfortably maintains first place among the preferences of Republican voters, with 49% support. The big loser is the Governor of Florida, who suffered a 10-point drop between March and November to retain 7% of voters. DeSantis started the campaign with 17% of support in this territory, but plummeted to 8% in August.

On the contrary, the big winner of the poll was Nikki Haley, who now occupies second place with an 18% voting intention. The former US ambassador to the UN and former governor of South Carolina has seen the Granite State citizens' support for her soar by 11 points between March and November - 14 if we take into account the August results, in which the candidate plummeted to 4 points.

DeSantis, the second best option for Republican voters

Chris Christie falls to third position compared to the August poll, remaining at 9%, but remains ahead of DeSantis. In fifth position is Vivek Ramaswamy, who gains two points and reaches 5%.

Interestingly, when respondents were asked for their second choice, the winner is DeSantis, with 22%. Nikky Haley would obtain 18% of the votes, while 15% would elect Ramaswamy.