Department of Justice investigates a House Democrat for alleged misappropriation of public funds

However, contrary to the rules, the DOJ avoided mentioning the name of the legislator involved.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is investigating a Democrat for misappropriation of public funds. The person involved is a member of the House of Representatives, given that the corresponding notification was delivered to the sergeant-at-arms. The identity of the legislator in question is still a mystery.

The body headed by Merrick Garland issued the subpoena on Monday, which was read aloud on the floor of the House.

"This is to notify you formally pursuant to rule 8 of the rules of the House of Representatives that the office of the sergeant at arms for the House of Representatives has been served with a grand jury subpoena for documents issued by the U.S. Department of Justice," read an official, although without saying the name of the congressman in question.

The subpoena was surprising, given that House rules indicate that both members and staff must make the subpoenas they receive public and then declare whether they intend to comply with the subpoena or not.

However, in this case, the Department of Justice did not name the recipient or what office they worked in. A few hours later, Punchball News reported that it was a Democratic representative.

As a general rule, all House members receive a $25,000 allowance to pay for their personal security when they are not in the Capitol. The money can be used at events hosted by members in their districts, at events where they perform official duties or at their district offices during official business hours.