Five Democrats align with GOP to block electric vehicle regulations

The House of Representatives approved a bill so that the Biden administration does not prohibit other types of energy for transportation.

Five Democrats joined the Republican caucus to vote in favor of a bill, H.R. 4468 or CARS, to hamper vehicle emissions regulations promoted by Joe Biden, which would lead to 67% of the automobile fleet being electric by 2032.

The vote went ahead with the support of 221 representatives, while 197 opposed. The bill will now move to the Senate for approval.

Tim Walberg, Republican representative from Michigan and one of the promoters of HR 4468, spoke of the importance of all vehicles, regardless of their source of energy, coexisting in the future:

While EVs may play a large role in the future of the auto industry, Washington should not discount other technologies like hydrogen, hybrids, and the internal combustion engine.

Walberg added that Biden's goal would entail "handing over the keys to the auto industry’s future to China":

The government should not forcing Americans to buy EVs. Nor should we be handing over the keys to the auto industry's future to China. The CARS Act will block the extreme EV mandate and allow consumers the choice they deserve.