Democrats block Hunter Biden investigation

Democratic Party congress members blocked the Republican initiative to investigate the "shady business dealings" of the president's son.

On Tuesday, House Democrats voted against a proposal which was spearheaded by congressional Republicans to launch an investigation into Hunter Biden. The House Oversight Committee rejected the Republicans' request to obtain documents related to the president's family's foreign business dealings, which include the business dealings of Joe Biden's son that could have an influence on the country's foreign policy. The Democratic Party has blocked the petition from moving forward.

Hunter Biden's alleged dealings include agreements with the country's most dangerous adversaries, such as the Chinese Communist Party, on strategic matters such as the sale of gas reserves. House Republicans alleged that not only was Hunter Biden “deeply involved,” but also the president himself.

Congressman James Comer, the Republican leader of the House Oversight Committee, directly questioned President Biden's involvement in his son's foreign business dealings, as detailed by Fox News:


So, you mean to tell me that Joe Biden... had no idea that his son was engaged in the sale of a cobalt mine to a Chinese company at the same time when the centerpiece of Joe Biden's energy policy is electric cars in the United States? Come on, folks. That's just crazy.

Meanwhile, according to Fox News, Republican Congressman Clay Higgins called the Biden's a "criminal political family" whose story seems made up:

Who wouldn't want to read about the exploits of the grand, criminal political family, the Biden's? Who would be surprised that from the loins of the big guy, Joe Biden, a fresh Democrat criminal would spring, Hunter Biden. We’re absolutely going to look into this stuff, we’re going to reveal it for the American people.

Democratic party refuses to investigate Hunter Biden

However, Democrats blocked the proposal, accusing Republicans of demanding documents from Biden to weaken the Democratic Party's electoral position. They noted that congressional Republicans want to divert any attention away from Democratic efforts to focus on issues such as climate change and abortion rights.

Carolyn Maloney, the top Democratic congresswoman on the Oversight Committee, noted that the resolution targets President Biden's son, his brother James, his sister-in-law Sara Jones Biden and others, but noted that "none of these people have a role in the Biden administration."


Democrats vote to hide info about the Biden family's shady business deals.

Why are Democrats afraid of the truth?

Americans deserve transparency.

More from @RepJamesComer.

- Oversight Committee Republicans (@GOPoversight) September 20, 2022

Total blocking of transparency

Republicans have long sought to investigate Hunter Biden's "shady business deals." Among the main scandals involving the president's son, the one that stands out is the one regarding a laptop that was recovered which contained damaging information to the first family prior to the 2020 elections.

The story was censored by social networks and prosecutions were launched against media outlets that dared to report on the matter. Even the FBI interfered in the investigation to protect the Biden family. Now, Democrats continue to block any I nvestigation into Biden's business dealings from happening.