'Dear Infidels: A Warning to America,' a documentary that warns of the danger posed by the infiltration of Islamism in the U.S.

The production, directed by Ami Horowitz for PragerU, depicts the personal stories of a former Gaza resident, an Israeli Muslim woman, and two former American military personnel, to highlight the spread of antisemitic, anti-American, and anti-Western indoctrination in cities and universities in the United States.

The conservative organization PragerU recently released a short documentary called "Dear Infidels: A Warning to America," which can be viewed for free online. The movie aims to alert Americans, and the West in general, of the danger posed by the infiltration of Islamism in the free world.

The production, directed by Ami Horowitz, combines authentic media images and acted scenes with the testimonies of Dor Shahar, a Palestinian who was born in Gaza and escaped to Israel, where he converted to Judaism; Sophia Salma Khalifa, an Arab Muslim born in the Jewish state who moved to the United States to earn her master's degree at Stanford University; Omar Vieira, a retired U.S. Navy SEAL who served for 21 years and led high-risk operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere in the region; and Jason Tuschen, a member of the same elite unit who served for 27 years in the Navy and was responsible for executing the national security strategy in the Middle East.

These personal stories seek to highlight the spread of antisemitic, anti-American and anti-Western indoctrination in cities and universities in the United States, especially in light of the wave of antisemitic demonstrations that have been taking place in academic institutions and the streets of the United States and other Western nations.

Shachar, who a few months ago spoke with Voz Media about his hard life story when he lived in Gaza, tells about his experiences at home and in the educational system of the Gaza Strip when he was a child.

Shachar says that when he attended a UNRWA school, the U.N. agency supposedly charged with assisting Palestinian refugees, a teacher told the students that they had to kill Jews, Israelis and Americans to gain access to Paradise. He points out that they had to shout "Death to the Jews" and "Death to the United States."

Hate indoctrination was not only something he suffered at school but also at home, where his father tortured him because he refused to kill Jews because Shachar's goal was not to become a murderer but rather a doctor to help people.

During the Second Intifada, Shachar recalls that, like many other Gazans, he was returned to Gaza by Israeli authorities because he was in Israel illegally. During his statement in court, he told the judge that he wanted to be Jewish, so once he returned to Gaza, he was imprisoned and tortured every day for the decision he had made.

Shachar returned to Israel, where he has resided since then. He converted to Judaism, and he sends a strong message to the world: "Make no mistake; Not only Jews are in the crosshairs, but also Americans. This is a war of religion."

Tuschen says that during his service in Iraq, he witnessed the intense hatred there, where extremists, he says, took advantage of the vulnerability of many people to indoctrinate them in hatred and to support the idea of ​​installing a global caliphate.

Khalifa comments in the documentary that she was born in the Israeli city of Nahariya and was raised Muslim. The young woman points out that Islamist indoctrination seeks to create fear in people so that no one deviates from the path of the Koran and the teachings of Muhammad and that in their environment, children were taught to hate the Jews, the United States and the West in general. She remembers that they even managed to convince a friend of hers to become a suicide bomber.

Regarding the Palestinian cause, which many progressives and Muslims claim to defend, Khalifa argues that there is no such thing as a national movement for Palestine but rather a movement that wants to turn the entire world into an Islamic state. She adds that people who believe in jihad believe that Western values ​​must be destroyed. However, the young woman is surprised to see many people protesting in the West about issues they do not understand. She warns that Islamic extremists are attacking the minds of Americans, which is dangerous for progressives themselves since, she says, pro-Palestine protesters would not survive a day in an Islamic state.

During the Second Intifada, Khalifa says her teacher glorified terrorist attacks since he considered that "if you are Jewish, you are not innocent; if you are Israeli, you are not innocent. Even if you are a baby, you must die," she says.

The young woman warns that Hamas, ISIS and other terrorist organizations are everywhere, so she calls to protect the values ​​of the West.

Vieira, for his part, tells how his first interaction with the extremist vision of Islam was during one of his missions in the Middle East. The ex-military man claims that in a village, he saw the body of a young woman who had been stoned to death because her brother had had sexual relations outside their social structure, but since he was a man and the eldest son, they could not punish him, so they murdered his sister.

This situation has greatly affected him, so he warns his fellow Americans and the West that both Muslims and non-Muslims would have to submit to Sharia law if an Islamic government is established.

Border control is essential to stop the infiltration of Islam into the United States

Vieira expresses that Islamism in a multicultural environment, like in the U.S. and the West in general, does not work.

The former military man adds that Americans should not take this problem as an issue that occurs on the other side of the ocean. And he warns that the situation is approaching a point of no return.

Tuschen also expresses concern about the infiltration of Islam in the United States. "Our strengths are also our weaknesses," he says, referring to the fact that the North American country receives people from all over the world.

The former military man warns about the danger posed by uncontrolled immigration since if Islamists can infiltrate and shape the minds of young people, it would be very easy for them to destroy the United States and the West.