Daily cannabis consumption exceeds alcohol use for the first time

A study revealed this fact at a time when the Biden administration is promoting the reclassification of marijuana.

Shortly after learning that cannabis consumption increases the risks of suffering psychological disorders in adolescents, it was reported that daily cannabis consumption has surpassed, for the first time, that of alcohol.

This was indicated by a study based on data from the U.S. National Survey on Drug Use and Health of the last three decades- reflecting that, in 2022, 17.7 million citizens acknowledged consuming cannabis almost daily compared to 14.7 million residents who reported drinking alcohol with the same regularity.

Apart from seeing this change in trend, it must be noted that the fact that the number of both cannabis and alcohol consumers has skyrocketed since 1992 is alarming. That year, 8.9 million people reported drinking alcohol almost every day, while 900,000 used cannabis frequently.

Joe Biden promotes the reclassification of marijuana

It is no coincidence that, in just three decades, cannabis consumption has skyrocketed. And even more so in recent years, when, according to the report, it has registered “substantial increases.”

This fact fits with the policies that the Biden administration is implementing regarding the perception of cannabis. A few weeks ago, the president formally began the process of reclassifying marijuana, with the goal of abandoning the categorization of a restricted substance (List I) to a low-risk substance (List III).

In this way, marijuana would no longer be considered one of the most dangerous drugs. With this, the president aims to attract younger voters in the middle of an election year.