Conservative Mike Johnson succeeds in uniting Republicans to become Speaker of the House

The key is that Johnson is respected by different groups within the Republican Party.

After three weeks of trying to elect a new Speaker of the House, Republicans have agreed to elect Mike Johnson, who received all the party's votes.

Johnson is a congressman from Louisiana and has been a member of the House of Representatives since 2016. He is currently serving his fourth term. He is pro-life, strong in his faith and a firm proponent of conservative values.

The key to Johnson is that he is respected by different groups within the Republican Party. Both moderates and conservatives celebrated Tuesday night when the party chose him in a closed-door session as its nominee for Speaker.

Johnson is known for being a peacemaker. He doesn't go after the media for attention. Instead, has earned his reputation through his hard work. He has good personal relationships with all members of the House, an issue that is especially important in times when the Republican Party has shown strong divisions.

The congressman from Louisiana has been praised even by the most conservative wing. He has the support of congressmen such as Matt Gaetz - who led the initiative to remove Kevin McCarthy from the speakership of the House - as well as members like Majority Leader Steve Scalise, who said Johnson "has a proven track record as a conservative leader who will fight for the American people against President Biden’s radical agenda that is crushing hardworking families."

Johnson will likely be a stronger speaker than McCarthy was. He is expected, because of his experience and the work he has done in his years in the House, to work hard on issues such as pushing for spending reductions and securing the border.