Brandon Johnson is turning to Chicago churches to alleviate the immigration crisis at O'Hare airport

The mayor has asked religious leaders to shelter some 340 immigrants in 17 churches across the city.

In recent months, O'Hare International Airport and Chicago Police stations have been overwhelmed by the number of immigrants who sleep in the facilities daily. To mitigate this crisis, the city's progressive mayor, Brandon Johnson, along with the collaboration of religious leaders, is moving hundreds of them to various churches.

At least 340 immigrants will benefit from Johnson's measure, which went into effect this week. This is a temporary solution. For now, churches will only provide shelter during the winter months when temperatures drop to around 14º Fahrenheit in Chicago.

In addition, the benefited immigrants will not only be able to take shelter in churches, but they will also have access to legal services. There will also be people there to help them search for employment and housing. Grace and Peace Church, New Life Centers of Chicagoland and Calvary Memorial Church are some of the 17 churches that will offer shelter.

Some will stay in churches and others at a camp

The Unity Initiative comes in the same week that construction began on a migrant camp in Brighton Park, a community located southwest of Chicago. Construction began on Wednesday. The facility will house about 500 immigrants, although it could have a maximum capacity of up to 2,000 people.

Unlike the Unity Initiative, which only obtained private financing, the camp has received state funding. Governor JB Pritzker has allocated $65 million of taxpayer money to set up this facility.