Chicago bids farewell to Lightfoot with 26 people shot, seven killed in one weekend

Radical Brandon Johnson was sworn in as mayor last Monday, with crime as one of the main challenges of his term.

Lori Lightfoot 's last weekend as mayor of Chicago perfectly sums up her legacy. At least 26 people were shot, seven of whom were killed, the city's Police Department said. The new mayor, radical Brandon Johnson, who was sworn in last Monday, faces the unchecked increase in crime as one of the main challenges of his term.

These figures are becoming a daily occurrence in the windy city. Last weekend, 20 people were injured by firearms, four of whom died as a result of the impacts. However, the worst figure during the tenure of Lightfoot, known for his policy of defunding the Police, occurred on Father's Day weekend 2020, when there were 106 shootings with 13 deaths. The highest number of shooting deaths in Chicago occurred in May of that same year, when 20 were reached in the same weekend.

At least three shootings have already been reported on Friday.

The incidents involving armed persons began at noon on Friday, when officers reported that a woman had been taken to the hospital in critical condition after being shot in the head from a car, an event that officers are still investigating and no arrests have been made. On the same day, in the afternoon, an unknown shooter killed a 61-year-old man, identified as Mark Johnson, and a 16-year-old boy was shot in the leg. Also on that day, five people required medical attention as a result of a shooting.

Several teenagers among the victims

The following day a 30-year-old man was killed as a result of an argument with another unidentified man, who pulled out a gun and shot the victim, causing his death. During the afternoon, a 15-year-old teenager was shot several times, although his life is not in danger. Later a 13-year-old minor and a 40-year-old man were shot several times, although both are out of danger. In the evening, a 17-year-old teenager died as a result of a gunshot wound to the chest and a 16-year-old friend of his was wounded in the arm by an unknown assailant while they were in the street. Also that night, a person was shot several times in his home. In addition, doctors at Mount Sinai Hospital were unable to save a man who came to the facility with gunshot wounds.

On Sunday, officers found aman dead in his home with gunshot wounds. In addition, three other people had to be admitted, with different prognosis, after being caught in the middle of a shootout between two cars that started shooting at each other. Two of them are in critical condition, while the third is in stable condition. In the evening, a 36-year-old man died after being riddled with bullets from a vehicle. Police reported that at least six other people were wounded by gunfire, without providing the location or information on the events.

New mayor promises a "safer" city

Aware of the very serious problem, Brandon Johnson promised to work "for a safer city" during the swearing in of his new position. It remains to be seen, however, how Johnson, a supporter like his predecessor of defunding the police, and who is viewed with suspicion by Chicago police officers, deals with the situation.