"Cheating": British Olympic medalist Sharron Davies criticizes trans men's participation in women's sports

Males were banned from participating in women's world ranking competitions last week.

British Olympic medalist, Sharron Davies, joins the battle against transsexual athletes participating in women's sports competitions. The swimmer, who won a silver medal for her country at the Moscow Olympics in 1980, charged against the athlete CeCe Telfer through social networks.

It's "just cheating," the British athlete said in a post on X. She was commenting on a photograph of a female competition that trans athlete CeCe Telfer competed in. He is easily more than a head taller than his competitors.

Photos of CeCe Telfer on the track alongside female athletes went viral on social media this past weekend. They are from the 60-meter hurdles invitational race at Boston University in February.

Davies' message comes a week after athletes who have gone through "male puberty" were banned from participating in female world rankings competitions. 

Davies has been an activist for women's sports rights for several years. When trans men started participating in women's competitions, she began to speak up. In the wake of the ban, some media outlets such as CNN approached CeCe Telfer to get his impressions following the ban.

The athlete said he was devastated by the decision, which prevents him from competing at the women's world level. "The overriding feeling was definitely devastation for myself and for many around the world," Telfer told CNN in a recent interview. "I’m still going to keep pursuing my dreams and keep competing and keep running as much as I can, wherever I can, however I can," Telfer added.