Brazil: Judge orders former president Jair Bolsonaro to surrender his passport

The Brazilian Federal Police launched a new operation within the investigation into an alleged coup plot in 2022.

Jair Bolsonaro will hand over his passport to the authorities. This is part of a new police operation against the former Brazilian president and his entourage. Authorities are investigating his role in an attempted coup d'état after the elections in Brazil in October 2022.

According to an advisor of the former president, Fabio Wajngarten, Bolsonaro will hand over his passport to the authorities in compliance with a court decision that is part of the investigation and the operation launched this Thursday by the Federal Police against dozens of people, including the former president of Brazil. In addition to having 24 hours to hand over his passport, he won't be able to exercise public functions. He is also not allowed to make contact with the other people under investigation as part of the operation.

In this way, the police and judicial siege against the former president of Brazil continues. In August of last year, Voz Media reported on the authorities' interest in tightening the siege on Bolsonaro. The ruling that disqualified the president until 2030 was just the beginning of a series of judicial problems that now involve this new operation.

The 68-year-old has testified numerous times since returning from Florida, where he stayed for three months after losing the election to current President Lula da Silva. When he landed in Brasilia in March, Bolsonaro had to face two investigations: one linking him to the attack carried out by his supporters on three federal buildings after the elections and another for the alleged embezzlement of some jewels he supposedly received from the Saudi government.

Bolsonaro's home in the capital was raided in May because, according to the police, members of his team had falsified immunization data to prepare COVID-19 vaccination certificates that would allow him to travel to countries like the United States.