Boxer Julio César Chávez Jr. under arrest for possession of an illegal firearm in California

The Mexican middleweight champion was taken into custody by the Los Angeles Police Department after seizing an unregistered weapon.

Boxer and world middleweight champion Julio César Chávez Jr. was arrested this Sunday in Los Angeles, after police entered his home and seized an unregistered weapon. According to TMZ Sports, a boxing fan alerted authorities that Chávez Jr. was in possession of said weapon.

The boxer's father, also a boxing legend, confirmed his son's arrest through a post on social media. According to TMZ Sports, the weapon in question is a so-called "ghost gun," a weapon that is untraceable, either due to its production or some alteration.

Julio César Chávez Sr. regretted the situation and reported that the family of the Mexican middleweight is working with his lawyers to clarify the situation. "It has been a long road, but I do not lose faith. I ask God that this is the moment that finally propels my son towards a useful and happy life," reads the statement from the Mexican boxing legend.

Chávez's home is located in Sherman Oaks. After Los Angeles Police Department officers seized the weapon at Chávez Jr's home, the boxer was taken to the department's correctional facility in Van Nuys. Chávez is expected to be arraigned this Thursday, according to his attorney Michael A. Goldstein.

"The most important thing is Julio's well-being right now. He has an incredible support system, and we just want to make sure we put him in the best position to be successful and get through what has been a difficult couple of months," Goldstein said in a statement. statements to The Los Angeles Times. He also added that his client has no prior record of weapons possession.

A hard life outside the ring

Chávez Jr. has not stepped foot in a ring professionally since 2021, after his last fight in Culiacán, Mexico. Since then, the he has been suffering from drug addiction problems. According to media reports, Chávez Jr. relapsed in June 2023.

The Chávez family wanted to have him admitted to a rehabilitation clinic, though without success. This family conflict, with drugs at the center of the issue, fueled news and rumors online. The relationship between Chávez Jr. and his father seems poisoned by this issue. Chávez Jr. even accused his father of wanting to kidnap him to force him to go to rehab.