Bob Menendez once again pleads "not guilty" to working for the Egyptian Government and accepting bribes

The Prosecutor's Office expanded its accusation against the Democratic senator. His wife Nadine and the rest of the accused also did not acknowledge their guilt.

Senator Bob Menendez has again pleaded "not guilty" to additional charges that prosecutors filed against him on October 12 for allegedly acting as an illegal foreign agent for the Government of Egypt by taking advantage of his influence and accepting bribes.

"Menéndez provided sensitive U.S. Government information and took other steps that secretly aided the Government of Egypt" in exchange for alleged bribes, as indicated by the Prosecutor's Office in the expansion of its accusation. It added that the Democratic senator accepted cash, gold bars and other compensation with the condition of "being influenced in the performance of an official act and for being induced to do an act and omit to do an act in violation of his official duty."

Menendez testified before U.S. District Judge, Sidney H. Stein, in a Manhattan court on Monday and did not comment to the media as he left the court.

Both his wife, Nadine Menendez, and the other defendants - Wael Hana, José Uribe and Fred Daibes - also did not accept any acknowledgement of their guilt.

The first accusation against Menendez in relation to his alleged actions as a foreign agent for Egypt occurred on September 22. After being impeached, the Democratic senator resigned from his position as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. What he did not do was leave his seat in the Upper House.

"Everything I've accomplished, I've worked for despite the naysayers and everyone who has underestimated me. I recognize this will be the biggest fight yet, but as I have stated throughout this whole process, I firmly believe that when all the facts are presented, not only will I be exonerated, but I still will be New Jersey’s senior senator," he said at a press conference .

Before the Prosecutor's Office expanded its accusation, Menendez had already pleaded "not guilty" to the charges that were brought against him.