Biden denies that he has "memory problems," proceeds to confuse the Egyptian president with the Mexican president

According to the president, he does not have mental health problems: "I'm an elderly man and I know what the hell I'm doing," he said.

Joe Biden confused the president of Egypt with the president of Mexico during a press conference in which he tried to refute a report about his memory problems.

The president offered an impromptu press conference this Thursday aiming to forcefully refute the report of the special prosecutor, Robert Hur. This report raises questions about the president’s mental acuity and highlights his inability to remember the date of his son Beau’s death.

“I’m well-meaning, and I’m an elderly man and I know what the hell I’m doing (...) I’ve been president. I put this country back on its feet,” said the president, ensuring his memory was fine. However, while answering questions and trying to calm concerns about his age and mental abilities, the president made a new mistake and mistakenly referred to the Egyptian leader Abdel Fattah El-Sisi as the “president of Mexico.”

Biden was questioned about the situation in Gaza when he said: “I think, as you know, initially, the president of Mexico, El-Sisi, did not want to open up the gate to humanitarian material to get in. I talked to him. I convinced him to open the gate,” he said.

Immediately, that part of the video began to circulate through social networks and unleashed several criticisms.

Weak and sad,” wrote Chris LaCivita, a senior adviser to the Trump campaign, on X.

The co-founder of the Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro also reacted through social networks: “That was the Challenger explosion of presidential press conferences. What a full-scale disaster.”

Biden distances himself from Israel

During the press conference, President Biden also made it clear that he is taking an increasingly distant stance from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, calling Israel's response to the horrific attack perpetrated by Hamas in October last year "over the top." This change in Biden's position comes in the midst of an election campaign in which he may need the backing of sectors of the extreme left to consolidate himself as a stronger candidate against Donald Trump.

CNN justifies Biden's mistake

Kate Bedingfield, an analyst at CNN, justified Biden's new blunder by claiming that everyone makes mistakes. She suggested that instead of focusing on the constant confusion of the nation's leader, people should focus on the actions he is taking as president.