Biden claims that he took office with 9% inflation and the White House is forced to correct him: 'The point he was making...'

When the Democrat became president, in January 2021, the inflation rate was actually 1.4%.

Joe Biden recently assured that his management was not responsible for causing the high inflation of recent years since Donald Trump gave him the country with an inflation of "9%." However, the White House had to correct the president's data after the press found that the data was actually much lower.

The Democrat first made the statement in an interview with CNN, stating that “no president’s had the run we’ve had in terms of creating jobs and bringing down inflation. It was 9% when I came to office, 9%.”

He was happy to repeat the statement to Yahoo Finance, noting that inflation "was at 9% when I came in, and now it's down about 3%."

Inflation in January 2021

The president's statement was discussed at a press conference since journalists found that, in reality, the inflation with which Biden took office was 1.4%. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had to correct the Commander in Chief's statements when consulted about this.

"The point he was making is that the factors that caused inflation were in place when he walked into the administration. The pandemic caused inflation around the world by disrupting our economy and breaking our supply chains," she said.

“Reopening after the pandemic unavoidably increased inflation by unleashing pent-up demand. Annualized core CPI [consumer price index] in the second term of 2021 was 9%. So he was talking about the factors that were in place that led to that,” the official added.

Inflation under Biden

According to the Investopedia portal, the Joe Biden administration has the highest average inflation since Jimmy Carter.

Indeed, the current president averages an annual inflation rate of 5.7%, contrasting with the 1.9% that the Trump Administration averaged. As for Carter, he averaged 9.9% year over year.