Beyoncé succumbs to politically correct language

She announces that she will re-record the song "Heated" to avoid terms that may be considered discriminatory.

Singer Beyoncé Knowles will re-record a song to avoid hurting sensitivities. The song "Heated" is the reason for the controversy, as it includes a term that some consider derogatory. Specifically, it is the word spazz, which falls into the category of politically incorrect terms because it refers in a colloquial way to people with motor paralysis.

For her part, the singer maintains that she used that word with a different meaning, nothing pejorative. "Spazzin' on that ass, spazz on that ass" is the phrase that is going to be removed from the Reinasssance album, so no one will be upset. Criticism of Beyoncé has come even before the official release, as the album was not yet in distribution, so it has been re-recorded in the studio.

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Politically correct language in the media and social networks

Beyoncé's new album, which has not even been released yet, has already been criticized for its so-called "ableist use" of language. Media outlets such as The Guardian have compared this case to Lizzo's, who also used the word spazz in another of his songs. Lizzo herself gave in to pressure and also changed the song in the face of the campaign launched on social networks.

On Twitter Lizzo said that she herself had felt discriminated against in the past ("as a black, fat woman in the US they have used many terms against me"), so she agreed to remove the aforementioned word on her single "Grrrls".