Ben Shapiro: "There are no aliens on planet Earth"

The founder of 'The Daily Wire' gave his opinion after the discovery of non-human biological remains was discussed in Congress.

Days after former Air Force Intelligence Officer David Grusch asserted in Congress that the government activated a secret program decades ago to recover unidentified flying objects and non-human biological remains, many thoughts and opinions have emerged. Among them is that of Ben Shapiro.

During the latest episode of The Ben Shapiro Show podcast, the political commentator and founder of The Daily Wire agreed in their conviction that extraterrestrials have not set foot on our planet so far.

"It’s b*** c***. Okay — I’m just gonna put out there right now. There are no aliens on planet Earth, other than perhaps Bernie Sanders. There are no aliens. Okay, there may be in the universe, they haven’t found us yet," Shapiro said.