New York: Vehicle loaded with explosives detonates on the border with Canada

Initial hypotheses suggest that it is a failed terrorist attack. The car exploded on the Rainbow Bridge, and its two occupants died.

The FBI and local authorities reported this Wednesday that the Rainbow Bridge, which connects the United States and Canada via Niagara Falls, was closed due to a vehicle explosion.

Police sources first assured that the explosion of the vehicle "was an attempted terrorist attack" and that there were "many explosives" in the car, however, after investigations by the authorities, Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul informed that there were no indications of terrorist involvement in the event.

The incident left two dead and one injured. The victims were the two occupants of the car.

The incident involved a vehicle crossing from Canada into the United States. The FBI conducted investigations at the scene and reported that it was still searching for a second car.

The Erie County Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services reported that the four bridges between Canada and the United States over the Niagara River were closed until further notice while investigations continue.