At least two dead in Louisiana as severe storms and tornadoes continue in the Southeast

The storms and tornadoes, which could last through Tuesday, also affected power lines, leaving thousands of people without electricity Monday night.

Bad weather continues to cause chaos in the southeast of the country. As revealed by authorities, in Louisiana, at least two people died as strong storms and tornadoes continue on the Gulf Coast where weather problems are expected to continue in the coming hours:

The first victim was reported on the outskirts of the city of Henderson, La. As the sheriff Becket Breaux of St. Martin Parish, east of Lafayette, explained through a video message posted on Facebook, a person died from unknown circumstances although, he explained, the damage throughout the county suggested that a tornado could have passed through the area, leading to the man's death:

It was not the only tornado that occurred Monday night. According to the National Weather Service, other tornadoes had appeared near Calcasieu Parish, near Sulfur, La., as well as in Lake Charles: "We already have one confirmed fatality and we don't want no one else getting hurt," the sheriff said.

The second victim left by the storm was in West Baton Rouge. There, a police officer told NBC News, a woman died when a tree fell on her trailer where a man and a 5-year-old child were also present. Emergency services transported both to a local hospital for treatment.

Storms leave thousands of citizens without power

The storm also had important consequences on power lines. On Monday at 9:30 p.m., NBC reported, more than 186,000 customers reported having no power due to flash floods and storms that affected states from Texas to Florida.

By 9:40 a.m. (E.T.), many of those customers had their power restored. However, according to data provided by, 66,407 people in Louisiana said they did not have electricity. This figure is joined by the 18,497 who claimed to have failures in their electrical supply in Florida.