At least five dead and two police officers injured in a multiple stabbing in Queens, N.Y.

One of the deceased is the alleged attacker. The officers were taken to hospital and are reportedly in non-life-threatening condition.

At least four people died in a multiple stabbing that occurred Sunday morning in the New York borough of Queens. During the police intervention, two officers were also stabbed and taken to hospital.

Authorities reported that police received a call at 467 Beach 22nd Street, between Brookhaven Avenue and Elk Drive in Far Rockaway. Upon arriving at the scene, the officers found multiple victims and were assaulted by the alleged attacker.

NYPD Chief Jeffrey Maddrey added during a press conference that the house where police arrived was on fire, and the New York Fire Department had to be notified. The 911 call came from a teenage girl who said that her cousin "was killing her family members."

When the officers arrived at the scene, one of them was stabbed in the face by the suspect, who was trying to flee the house carrying luggage. The second officer was stabbed in the neck. That's when another officer then shot the suspect, which was fatal.