Argentine President Javier Milei completes the closure of Télam, the public news agency

The Argentine president had defined it as unnecessary to finance public media in a country with more than 40% poverty.

Argentine President Javier Milei kept his promise to close the public news agency Télam, one of the announcements he made in his first speech before Congress last Friday.

As Voz Media was able to verify, the Télam website only returns the message "page under reconstruction: the page you are trying to view is under reconstruction."

Screenshot of the Télam website on 03/04/2924.

Some employees organized in the Somos Télam group claimed on social networks that the media building had been fenced off by the police. They also called to participate in a demonstration planned for noon this Monday.

Milei had spoken against the public media during the campaign, denouncing that they operated as propaganda centers rather than information services. He also pointed out that it is unnecessary for the Argentine taxpayer to finance similar companies, especially in a country with such high poverty rates.

This Sunday's measure is part of a broad plan of cuts by the president, colloquially known as the "chainsaw plan." It includes measures such as the reduction of ministries, the end of benefits for public officials and the closure of institutions financed by the taxpayer, such as the National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism (INADI). And now, Telam.