Antisemitic incidents soared 360% since Hamas attacked Israel

A study revealed that, since Oct. 7, 2023, 3,283 episodes of violence against Jews have been recorded in the United States.

Israel has the support of a large portion of the international community and millions of individuals, but not everyone has the same opinion. In fact, hatred and attacks against Jews have multiplied.

According to a study from the Anti-Defamation League, antisemitic incidents spiked 360% in the United States, with 3,283 episodes, an average of 36 per day, from Oct. 7, 2023, the date the Hamas terrorist group launched its ground offensive against Israel, through Jan. 7. Among these recorded incidents are acts such as "assaults," "harassment," "vandalism," and anti-Israel rallies with overt antisemitism and/or expressions of support for terror."

"It’s beyond appalling that since the 10/7 terror attack, the number of antisemitic incidents in America has skyrocketed," said Anti-Defamation League executive director Jonathan Greenblatt. "Antisemitism is not just a Jewish problem. Antizionism is not just an Israeli problem. These are American problems. This kind of mindless hate tears at the moral fiber of our shared society. They stretch the fabric of our liberal democracy. They weaken the ties that bind together our country."

Most antisemitic incidents reported in the Northeast

The organization included an interactive map in its study showing where the greatest number of antisemitic incidents occurred in the United States. A large part of them were concentrated in the Northeast, in states such as New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey. A large number of attacks were also recorded in California, Michigan and Ohio.

On the other hand, there are some states, such as Mississippi, North Dakota and South Dakota, where no antisemitic incidents have been recorded since Oct. 7, 2023 and others where only one has been recorded: Montana, Utah and Alaska.

The Anti-Defamation League also listed, in another recently published study, the attacks on Jews or antisemitic episodes that were recorded on a global scale from the beginning of the Hamas attacks through Jan. 4.