Another freight train derails in Ohio: residents urged to use "caution"

The train is owned by Norfolk Southern, the same company responsible for the toxic spill in East Palestine. A company spokesman reported that no passengers or hazardous chemical materials were on board on this trip.

Ohio is once again the scene of a train accident. About 20 wagons of a freight train from Norfolk Southern -the same company responsible for the toxic incident in East Palestine-derailed Saturday afternoon in Clark County, about 46 miles (74 kilometers) from Springfield in southwestern Ohio.

Unlike the February 3 derailment in East Palestine, a railroad spokesman reported that no passengers were on the train, nor were there any toxic hazardous materials on board.

Despite the spokesperson's assurances that the new derailment posed "NO risk to the public," Clark County Emergency Management Agency urged residents to exercise caution and ordered those within 1,000 feet of the accident to shelter in place. Approximately 1,500 residents of nearby areas were left without electricity.

Second derailment after toxic spill in East Palestine

This accident would be the second to occur in Ohio and adds to the more than five that have occurred in the country in the last few days.

On February 3, a freight train from Norfolk Southern derailed in East Palestine in northeast Ohio. Several of the rail cars were carrying toxic chemical materials.

Although the authorities reported that the situation is now under control, this derailment caused the evacuation of about half of the town's 5,000 residents. The consequences of the accident are still surfacing, and concerns remain about the impacts it may have on the health  of the population in the long term.