Americans overwhelmingly approve of Trump's term and disapprove of Biden's

A devastating Harvard/Harris poll indicates that voters believe Biden is "getting worse," that he should be prosecuted for taking classified documents and that he is using government mechanisms to try to remove his predecessor.

A majority of voters (57%) approve of the job Donald Trump did as president during his term. This contrasts with the evaluation of the Joe Biden administration, which received 54% disapproval. White and Hispanic respondents are the groups most satisfied with the Trump’s term (62% and 57% approval, respectively), and the most critical of the current president (59% and 54% disapproval, respectively). These are the results of a survey that shows clear disaffection and dissatisfaction with Biden.

Hispanics happy with Trump and critical of Biden

The results of the Harvard-Harris poll are certainly worrying for the Democratic Party, and especially for the president. As mentioned previously, 57% of voters approved of Donald Trump's work as head of the country, while 41% disapproved. In the same poll, Biden's approval barely reaches 45%, with a disapproval of 54%.

Furthermore, according to this survey, Hispanic voters, a group that will be key in November, overwhelmingly believe (57%) that Trump did a good job during his term. It is also interesting that the former president's disapproval rating among black voters is not as high (55%) as it was before, and his approval rating among this community reached 40%. As far as Biden is concerned, the results are reversed. Only 43% Latinos approve of his work as president, while 54% disapprove. Black voters overwhelmingly support the current president (70%), with only 28% dissatisfied.

The survey also includes a section in which participants are asked to analyze the evolution of Biden's management since his inauguration. For almost half of voters (48%), it is getting worse, while 27% believe it is getting better. For the remaining 25%, it remains the same. Hispanic respondents once again expressed their discontent, with 43% seeing Biden’s term getting worse, 26% seeing it improving, and 31% seeing it remain the same. In this section, the majority of black voters (48%) believe that Biden is getting better, while 29% see him getting worse.

Biden: Old, unfit and guilty

Regarding special counsel Robert Hur's report on the classified documents found in several of Biden’s residences, a large majority (46%) believe that the conclusions "are biased in favor of Biden," compared to 26% who believe that "they are “biased against” the president. Twenty-seven percent believe that they do not present any bias. Furthermore, 59% point out that the reasons given by Hur for not prosecuting the president are not "adequate justification." Regarding the facts themselves, two out of three respondents claim that Biden voluntarily retained these papers and shared them with the authors of his memoirs. Sixty-two percent believe Biden should be prosecuted for it.

Respondents are similarly critical regarding the part of the report on Biden's age and mental health. In fact, for 64% of respondents, "Biden's public appearances give credence to fears about his age and memory." As if that were not enough, two out of three voters (69%) believe that the president's public lapses are becoming increasingly frequent. This leads 62% of citizens to consider it "dangerous" for the country to "elect a President who raises questions about age, lack of memory or lack of concentration."

Additionally, 58% of voters believe that Democrats are using government mechanisms to try to remove Trump from the presidential race. Fifty-five percent point out that the accusations presented against him are biased in favor of the Democratic Party.