After 4 years of the Biden administration, many voters who did not like Trump now view his candidacy favorably

“The country was better when he was running it,” said a 23-year-old Mexican-American who used to feel uncomfortable with the way the former president spoke about Latinos.

A recent survey conducted by The New York Times and the College of Siena revealed a notable shift in public perception of Donald Trump's presidency. The findings suggest that opinions towards the former president's administration have become more positive since he left office, which could have significant consequences for current President Joe Biden's strategy, and the US political landscape.

According to The New York Times report, before the 2020 election, only 39% of voters thought the country was better off after Trump took office. However, according to this new survey, almost half of respondents (42%) say Trump's mandate was better for the country, a significantly higher number than the 25% who say the same about the Biden Administration.

The report reveals that the change in perception of Trump is particularly notable in key areas such as the economy, immigration and policing among white voters without a college degree, Hispanics, those over 30 years of age and those with low and middle incomes.

The testimony of people like Maya García, a former "Trump hater" who voted for Biden four years ago, exemplifies this trend. Garcia, a resident of Canoga Park, California, believes Trump's controversial style helped control crime and maintain order in the country, which has led her to reconsider her opinion of him.

“When he was first running, I was, like, what is this guy even yapping about? Like, what is he even saying? Like, he’s saying all the wrong things. But to be honest, if you look deep into his personality, he actually cares about the country (...) Sometimes we need that type of person in our lives,” she said.

Marecus Maupin, a 41-year-old man who also voted for Biden in the last election, now plans to endorse Trump. "We all had a little bit more money in our pockets when he was in office. I think he gave out more money than any other president that I have had in my lifetime. It now feels like, although I’m making more, I’m not seeing it,” he expressed.

The country was better when he was running it, despite his comments toward the community,” also said Angie León, a 23-year-old Mexican-American who admits that although she never liked how Trump spoke about Latinos, she considers him a better political option.