Abbott to Biden on immigration: "This chaos is a direct result of your failure"

The governor of Texas hand delivered a letter to the president demanding a series of measures be put into place to improve the situation at the southern border.

This Sunday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott hand delivered a letter to Joe Biden asking him to work on federal immigration enforcement. This took place on the same day that the Democratic president arrived to El Paso, on his first visit to the border since taking office.

Abbott's letter urges Biden to take action immediately to address immigrants who are entering the country illegally. Among the main measures, it demands securing $4 billion in funding for border security efforts in Texas and designating Mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations.

The governor calls for aggressive measures to help border communities, including busing thousands of migrants to New York, Chicago and Philadelphia, among other cities. He even asked to be able to arrest and incarcerate criminals who trespass or commit other state crimes along the southern border.

"This chaos is the direct result of your failure to enforce the immigration laws that Congress enacted," the letter begins. He adds, "Your open-border policies have emboldened the cartels, who grow
wealthy by trafficking deadly fentanyl and even human beings."

More complaints from congressmen

Congresswoman Monica De La Cruz said that she, along with other members of the House of Representatives, also sent a letter to Biden to reproach him for the lack of border policies. In the letter, they urged working with "Latin American allies.”

"On Friday, we sent President Biden a letter urging him to reverse course on his failed policies that have exacerbated our border crisis. We must secure our border, work with Latin American allies to offer migrants safe alternatives, and hold cartels accountable for their crimes," De La Cruz wrote on Twitter.