A bus from Texas unloads dozens of immigrants in Washington, D.C., in front of Kamala Harris' house.

Governor Abbott will continue to send illegal migrants to sanctuary cities and claims that Texas has done more than any state to protect Americans.

The battle continues between Greg Abbott and the White House over the serious immigration problem, of which Texas, the southern state bordering Mexico and led by the Republican, is bearing the brunt. Governor Abbott, in response to the brutal immigration pressure in his state, decided months ago to send busloads of immigrants to northern states and sanctuary cities in the United States. This past Sunday, a bus transported dozens of immigrants from Texas to the Naval Observatory in Washington D.C. At that address, specifically at number one Observatory Circle, is the home of the Vice President, Kamala Harris.

A local ABC news channel tweeted several videos showing the migrants getting off the bus and taking their belongings from the huge trunk that these types of transports carry on their undercarriages.

This is not the first time the Texas governor has done this. In April of last year, Greg Abbott began sending immigrants to the federal capital in order to pressure Biden to act on border security and immigration. Before doing so, he wrote a letter to Joe Biden in which he told him that his policies "leave many people in the bitter and dangerous cold as a polar vortex sweeps into Texas," referring to a cold snap that wreaked havoc in that territory during those days. "Texas has borne an unequal burden caused by its open border policies," Abbott added.

Texan authorities assure that these shipments will continue, especially to New York, Philadelphia and Chicago. New York Mayor Eric AdamsThe New York City Mayor, who initially declared his city a sanctuary city and criticized the lack of solidarity of many Republicans, began to backtrack a few days ago and has already bused dozens of immigrants from New York City to other Republican-governed counties in the state.

Greg Abbott released the latest Operation Lone Star figures this past Sunday, showing that Texas had made 373,000 apprehensions and 28,000 criminal arrests, seized 402 million lethal doses of fentanyl and more than 17,600 immigrants transferred to sanctuary cities. And he asserted that no state had done as much as Texas to protect Americans.