97% of donations from Harvard workers went to the Democratic Party

The data once again shows the high political bias in favor of liberals at Ivy League universities.

Harvard University workers donate massively to the Democratic Party. It is one of the conclusions reached when reading the public data on donations, in the midst of controversy over the plagiarism case and President Claudine Gay's position on Israel.

The Center Square, a medium focused on the analysis of administrations, focused on the great political bias that exists within Harvard. The report comes after the university staff voted in favor of keeping Claudine Gay in her position, despite the accusations against the university president.

According to Center Square 's analysis, throughout this last election campaign, Harvard employees, professors and administrators, made 100 donations of over $1,000 to political campaigns. Only three of these donations were not for Democratic campaigns, which suggests a 97% affinity with the party's candidates among the sectors most involved in politics.

According to the analysis, two of the three donations directed to Democratic candidates went to the coffers of candidates with strong anti-Trump rhetoric.

Democrats and progressivism in universities

The politicization of the field is not something new. It especially favors the progressive and democratic spectrum. However, with the current climate of tension as a result of the Hamas attacks against Israel on October 7, the Palestinian issue is once again shaking up the campuses.

So to this question, according to information from the Jewish Insider, former President Barack Obama intervened in favor of university president Claudine Gay so that she would remain in her position after the statements she made about the conflict in Israel.

According to this outlet, Obama “had privately lobbied for Gay after his appearance in Congress over anti-Semitism and threats against Jewish students on the Ivy League campus.”