73% of Hispanics call for stricter immigration measures

Sixty-seven percent of this community disapprove of the Biden administration's management of the southern border, and 65% are critical of its immigration policies.

Hispanics overwhelmingly disapprove of the handling of the immigration crisis at the southern border. Seventy-three percent believe that tougher measures should be taken against illegal immigration, while 67% of this community expressed disapproval of the Biden administration's inaction, especially after the end of Title 42. The White House's immigration policy is also rejected by a resounding 65% of Latinos, who overwhelmingly (59%) disapprove of President Joe Biden's work at the helm of the country.

Over 80% demand tougher measures against immigration

Those are the conclusions provided by a CBS News poll conducted from May 17-19, one week after the end of Title 42. This has not exactly improved the public's view of the administration's work on this front. Eighty-two percent of Americans believe that stricter criteria should be established and that a small percentage of immigrants should be allowed to enter the country. Of these, 20% (15% among Hispanics) are in favor of not allowing passage to most or even any undocumented immigrants. Perhaps the most impassioned group is those over 65 years of age: 90% of them are asking for tougher measures.

Regarding the management of the southern border, 63% of those surveyed disapprove of the government's management. Seventy-one percent of Americans over the age of 45 were critical of the lack of action from the Department of Homeland Security to control the massive influx of immigrants, which continues to break records.

Biden continues to fail

The Biden administration's own immigration policy is overwhelmingly rejected by citizens. Sixty-four percent of all respondents were dissatisfied, including 72% among those over 45.

The president's approval rating has not improved either. He has just 41% approval among Americans, with a 64% disapproval among white voters. However, the group that most strongly disapproves of Biden is those between the ages of 45 and 64, at 67%.