Washington Governor sued for using state as trans shelter for minors

America First Legal alleges that allowing children to undergo sex-change treatment without parental authorization is "illegal, unconstitutional and evil."

The non-governmental organization America First Legal, sued Washington Governor Jay Inslee after signing a law allowing minors to undergo sex change treatment without the authorization of their parents or legal guardians.

In a statement, America First Legal says the rule "creates a dangerous incentive for minors who disagree with their parents on ‘gender-affirming care’ to run away to a shelter or host home." Its chairman, Stephen Miller -a former adviser to former President Donald Trump-, said:

Today, we are filing an urgent lawsuit against the State of Washington to enjoin enforcement of this monstrous law and to obtain immediate restoration of parental rights for every family in Washington State. This law is illegal, unconstitutional, and evil. This litigation is about saving our children from those who abuse their innocence, torment their minds, and disfigure their bodies.

The organization's vice president, Gene Hamilton, went further, adding:

The State of Washington has embarked on a radical new crusade to deprive parents of their fundamental rights under the Constitution, and it should shock all Americans to their cores. Parents who do not ‘affirm’ their children’s so-called ‘gender identity’ are treated the same as child abusers, such that they do not have to be contacted when their children show up at a shelter the way any other parent would be. And Washington also decided to permit children in such situations to obtain certain medical services without the consent of a parent–an equally shocking prospect. We will proudly stand with our clients and fight for their rights against these absurd and arbitrary laws advanced by radical activists in Washington.

Washington is 'a trans haven' for the Democratic Party

The law, pushed by the Democratic Party and signed into law in May, incorporates "gender-affirming care" within "protected health services." Marko Liias, one of the state senators who sponsored SB 5599, said after the signing:

Every child – including our trans youth – deserves to be safe at home. In a perfect world, that is the case, but unfortunately, that is not the reality. This legislation affirms our commitment to ensuring children have a safe and stable place to go when they are not welcome at home. Washington has long been a place where members of the LGBTQ+ community are welcome and embraced. As other states across the country introduce and pass legislation to take their rights away, we here in Washington are sending a clear signal: we hear you, we see you and we love you.