Video: The spectacular collapse of a building in Alaska due to the Mendenhall River flooding

A glacial outburst resulted in heavy flooding on the river located in Juneau, the state capital. Several structures were damaged.

The rising flow of the Mendenhall River (Alaska) due to the increased volume created by the Mendenhall Glacier caused severe damage to several roads and structures in Juneau, the state capital. Some of the damage was irreparable.

One building along the river completely collapsed and two others lost part of their foundation. The water level reached a height of about 15 feet, surpassing the previous record high of 12 feet, according to the Juneau Assembly and reported in a post published on its Facebook account.

It was not only the structure that was damaged. As can be seen in one of the videos above, several trees fell into the river after the flooding eroded the banks.

Declaration of local emergency

At a special meeting held on August 7, local authorities declared a state of emergency due to the flooding of the Mendenhall River. As a result, the Juneau Assembly requested state and federal aid to alleviate the damage.

Those affected are asked to take photographs and list any serious damage to their homes or other properties, also to collect bank receipts or other records so that they can receive aid. Of course, everything they do must be done with extreme caution because of the heavy floods.