Video: Investigation team unmasks an alleged transgender pedophile

Chat logs show the 23-year-old talking about sex and underwear with the Frontlines team, thinking they were an underage girl.

Frontlines, a media outlet for Turning Point USA, captured a video of an alleged trans pedophile in Nebraska. In the footage, the 23-year-old, identified as Christopher Carey, can be seen being confronted by reporter Kalen D'Almeida and his team at a retail store.

Carey believed he was in an online relationship with a 12-year-old girl. Actually, on the other side were members of Frontlines. According to D'Almeida, Carey spoke with the alleged minor about sex, underwear and the possibility of traveling alone to the "remote wilderness."

The young man, who also called himself Emilia, Avery or Brittany, said he had started taking medication for reassignment surgery. In the video you can also see that he uses a racist slur to refer to a cameraman of the team.

D'Almeida vowed to put pressure on local police to have Carey, whom he called a "transgender racist pedophile, ... prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."