Two firefighters were killed trying to put out a fire on a cargo ship in New Jersey

Both were trapped by the flames as they tried to retreat from the structure due to the extreme heat.

Authorities in Newark, New Jersey, confirmed the deaths of two firefighters who were attempting to put out a fire on a cargo ship. Initial investigations indicate that the fire originated when, for reasons still unknown, half a dozen cars caught on fire on the tenth deck and quickly spread to the lower decks.

"Acts of bravery and camaraderie"

After receiving the call, the crews deployed to the port tried to put out the fire, but the extreme heat caused them to have to back out. The two deceased were caught in the flames trying to get out, Newark Fire Chief Rufus Jackson told local ABC7: "Two firefighters were lost while performing this action of backing out of the structure," Jackson said, according to ABC7.

Speaking to CBS, Newark Mayor Ras Baraka praised the firefighters' performance and acknowledged feeling traumatized by the tragic events. "Today I have seen acts of bravery and camaraderie that are unparalleled and you know it's very, very, very traumatic for all of us," he said.

Although the main fire has been extinguished, there are still several other fires that crews are trying to extinguish.