Trump, on Facebook: "I'M BACK!"

The former president made his first publication after two years of suspension by sharing a video from election night 2016.

Former President Donald Trump has made a new Facebook post after an abscence of more than 2 years. The mogul's last post was dated January 6, 2021, when the social network suspended the former president's account because of the the events that occured on the same day on Capitol Hill. Last February, Meta announced that Trump's account was reinstated.

Trump: "Sorry to keep you waiting, complicated business."

Along with the message, in all caps, "I'm Back!", Trump shared with his followers a short video from election night 2016, when he was proclaimed the winner of the presidential election. In the clip, the former president introduces himself to his followers by saying "sorry to keep you waiting, complicated business."

In just 14 hours, the former president's post had already received more than 658,000 views, 140,000 likes, 39,000 comments and had been shared by more than 27,000 users.

Trump's publication coincided with the reactivation of his Youtube account, which was also suspended. Although Twitter lifted the sanction on the former president last year, and Meta lifted the sanctions on Facebook and Instagram last month, the tycoon did not show much interest, until now, in using them again, during his abscence on the aformentioned sites, he was busy focusing on his own social network, Truth Social.