Third day of dangerous waves on the coast of California

There has been at least eight people hospitalized for injuries related to this storm.

A maritime storm continues to hit the coast of California for the third consecutive day. Large waves were recorded in the state and left areas near the coast flooded, causing considerable damage. At least eight people have also hospitalized due to the storm.

According to local reports, some of the waves that reached the California coast rose as high as six to ten meters high. Authorities  have closed access to all beaches and swimming has been prohibited since Thursday.

The worst affected is Ventura County, north of Los Angeles, where the boardwalk was completely flooded after the waves surpassed the breakwater and maritime protections. Many of the businesses and buildings closest to the beach have been damaged and flooded. According to local authorities, at least 14 rescues were carried out in Ventura County as many people were trapped and surrounded by floodwaters.

Local media reported the story of a hotel near Ventura Beach of which the first floor was completely covered in water, sand and debris after Thursday's storm, which did not subside on Friday and persists this Saturday.

Further north, the situation is similar and also threatens the Oregon coast. A series of storms that have traveled through the interior of the Pacific Ocean are said to be the cause.