The country's largest teachers' union instructs its members to promote "extremist ideologies" in elementary school

According to a Defense of Freedom Institute report, the American Federation of Teachers asked its members to include LGBT+ affirming content in their classes.

A report by the Defense of Freedom Institute (DFI) revealed how the country's largest teachers' union pushes "extremist" gender and LGBT+ ideologies among its members to become part of the instructional curriculum in elementary schools.

Summer of Woke the Sequel DFI by Juan Pe


According to the "Summer of Woke, the Sequel" report, which analyzes the American Federation of Teachers' (AFT) content and conferences, the union "instructed its members on how to inject gender identity politics into classroom teaching." The report specifically notes two presentations held during AFT's annual conference that were titled "Affirming LGBTQIA+ Identities Inside and Outside the Classroom" and "The TGNCNB [transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary] Inclusive School and Classroom."

According to DFI, the panels at both conferences presented a series of measures, content and attitudes that teachers could incorporate into their classes. According to DFI, the training given to teachers encouraged them to "affirm any gender identity that conflicts with a student's sex, ignore basic biological facts, hide the training from parents, and encourage other teachers in the school to do the same."

This is not the first time that teachers' unions have promoted this type of ideology. According to the Daily Wire, the ATF adopted a new policy for the use of locker rooms and bathrooms a few months prior. The resolution promoted the use of these spaces for trans students and other students of the opposite sex. The same resolution commits the union to collaborate with LGBT activist associations to implement new pronoun policies for students, all without notifying parents.