Texas leads the resurgence of population in large cities after covid

Eight of the 15 cities that experienced the fastest population growth in 2023 and 7 of the 15 that added the most residents belong to the Lone Star State.

Several large cities in Texas led the resurgence of populations of more than 20,000 inhabitants throughout the country during 2023, reversing the decline they experienced since the covid pandemic and that continued in 2022. Eight localities in the Lone Star State are among those that have seen the fastest growth in people living there, and another seven are among those that have seen their numbers grow the most. New York continues to be the most populated city, with 8,258,035 residents.

The South, where the population of large cities grows the most

Although Texas is the state where the most cities occupy the rankings - they occupy more than half in some - it is the south in general where large cities have recovered more inhabitants. As analyzed by Crystal Delbé, a statistician in the Population Division of the Census Bureau: "Population growth in the South in 2023 was driven by significant numerical and percentage increases among its cities. Thirteen of the 15 fastest-growing cities are in the South, eight of them in Texas."

Among the 10 large cities that saw their population grow the fastest between July 1, 2022 and July 1, 2023, the Lone Star State has up to 6 towns, and 8 among the 15. In fact, the top four on the list are in Texas: Celina (+26.6%) , Fulshear (+25.6%), Princeton (+22.3%) and Anna (+16.9%). Fifth place comes from California (Lathrop, +13.6%), followed by Centerton (Arizona 11.2%) and Haines City (Florida, 10.8%). From eighth to twelfth place they once again come from the state governed by Greg Abott: Georgetown (10.6), Prosper (10.5%), Forney (10.4) and Kyle (9%).

Top 15 Fastest-Growing Cities[Source: US Census Bureau]

San Antonio (TX), the one that increased its population the most

In terms of growth in the number of inhabitants, Texas is once again the state with the most presence, with seven cities among the top 15. In fact, the one that added the most is San Antonio, which belongs to the Lone Star State. The 21,970 new residents in the town in 2023 leave it close to a million and a half citizens. Second place also remains in Texas, in Fort Worth, which totaled 21,365. They are followed by Charlotte (North Carolina, 15,607), Jacksonville (Florida, 14,066) and Port St. Lucie, also in the Sunshine State.

Top 15 Largest-Gaining Cities[Source: US Census Bureau]

New York, the most populated city

By total number of inhabitants, New York is once again the most populated city, and by far. The Big Apple has 8,258,0352 inhabitants, almost 4.5 million more than Los Angeles, California, which reached 3,820,9143. Chicago (Illinois 2,664,452) completes the podium. Texas, again the state with the most representation in a ranking, is fourth with the 2,314,157 inhabitants of Houston, followed by Phoenix (Arizona, 1,650,070) and Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, 1,550,542) and San Antonio (Texas, 1,495 .295).