Spanish-Georgian fighter Ilia Topuria wins UFC featherweight title

"El Matador" defeated reigning champion Alexander Volkanovski by knockout in the second round at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif.

Spanish-Georgian fighter Ilia Topuria became the UFC featherweight champion after defeating current belt holder Alexander Volkanovski by knockout. "El Matador" was crowned at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif., extending his unbeaten streak to 15 fights.

Topuria: Undefeated champion

In the presence of celebrities such as Mark Zuckerberg, and despite boos from the public, Topuria's fight went just according to plan. He didn't knock Volkanovski down in the first round as he presumed he would, but his opponent couldn't get past the second.

In the first round, both fighters tested each other, with Topuria on the defensive and unleashing dazzling counters that landed on his rival. However, in the second round, Topuria increased the intensity of his attacks, managing to link a combination of blows that ended with the defending champion on the mat.

Playing on his nickname, the UFC's Spanish account uploaded the sequence of the final punches with the caption: "LO MATOOOO!!!!" (He killed him!!!).

'Every drop of blood was worth it'

After the victory, the new champion uploaded a video on X remembering the best moments on his way to the belt. He also left a resounding final message: "Every drop of blood was worth it." Before, in the octagon, where he was crowned with the flags of Spain and Georgia around his neck, he responded to the questions about always believing in himself: "I knew that one day I would be champion." He also challenged one of the titans of UFC, saying that he wants to fight Connor McGregor in Spain.