"Snow Cockroaches": The federal media agency suspends its information manager for racist anti-white messages

James Reeves, director of information for public media, posted racist insults on social media posts uncovered this week.

The United States Agency for Global Media (USAGM), an institution that oversees publicly owned and funded media, suspended its CIO, James Reeves. The federal agency's decision came after several racist comments written by Reeves on social media were uncovered.

James Reeves, an African American, referred to white people as "snow cockroaches" online. The agency reported to National Review that Reeves was placed on administrative leave, pursuant to federal law.

Reeves' comments were recently posted on social media. They were first revealed by the X End Wokeness account. Reeves posted the hate messages with the username @devast8nSigma. He used this account to participate in discussions that often revolved around race, crime and immigration. In just the month of February, Reeves uses the term "snow cockroach" to refer to white people on more than a dozen occasions.

James Reeves had a long career in public administration. He had executive roles at USAGM since 2019. Before that, he held a similar position for the Department of Justice (DOJ) for three years. According to the USAGM website, prior to this position at the DOJ, he was in charge of Technology Services at the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, the federal international investment agency.