Riley Gaines speaks out over transgender participation in women's sports

Renowned swimmer Riley Gaines reported that several female players were injured by a biological man in a women's basketball game.

Activist and swimmer Riley Gaines recently took to social media to speak out about the consequences of men being allowed to compete in women's sports. Specifically, she referenced two recent cases in which women were not only personally affected by a man's participation in a woman's sport, but they were also physically attacked. 

Gaines spoke out about a video that was posted on social media that shows a person who identifies as trans pushing and shoving female players on the court.

"Trans-identified male player for Kipp Academy in MA injured 3 girls before half time causing Lowell Collegiate Charter School to forfeit. A man hitting a woman used to be called domestic abuse. Now it's called brave," Gaines wrote on her X account.

In addition, Gaines shared a statement released by Lowell Collegiate Charter School about the incident. The school explained that the coach had to forfeit the game after seven of his 12 players had to be benched due to injuries.

The second case that Gaines posted about is that of a young man who identifies as a woman who set a new school record in a women's event. "Now tell me again the strides women have made when society applauds a man for pushing us off our own podium...," Gaines said.

The activist's complaints come at a time of great debate about whether biological men should be allowed to compete in women's sports. These cases show that trans madness not only affects women's sports but also women's integrity. Gender arbitrariness allows any male to change his biological description on a whim and be allowed to enter a female locker room or women's restroom, even in schools.