Riley Gaines, named Problematic Woman of the Year by the 'Daily Signal'

The feisty former athlete proudly celebrated the media's recognition of people who stand up for conservative values.

The "Daily Signal" has named Riley Gaines as the Troubled Woman of the Year. As the media outlet explains, they routinely make a mention of the Problematic Woman of the Week, a person who, they say, "furthers conservative values and often faces opposition for doing so."

Throughout 2023, that recognition went, on several occasions, to former athlete Riley Gaines who, finally, took the award for Problematic Woman of the Year, as announced by the media this Friday:

In 2023, many problematic women fought for the unborn, spoke out in support of education freedom, and advocated the privacy and protection of female-only spaces. Although it’s hard to pick just one, few female leaders acted with more integrity and reached more Americans with a message of common sense than swimmer Riley Gaines.

As explained by the "Daily Signal," Riley Gaines wins the award for her relentless fight against the participation of transgender athletes in women's competitions. She did so after she was forced to compete against transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, something she considered unfair and which caused her to start making speeches advocating for the protection of women's sports competitions, becoming the spokesperson for the Independent Women's Forum.

Her struggle led her to appear in the House of Representatives, where she explained, firsthand, the persecution she is experiencing after denouncing what happened to her when she was forced to compete with Lia Thomas. However, she is not giving up the fight and proudly celebrated the "Daily Signal's" recognition, as she demonstrated during a post on X (formerly Twitter):