Remington leaves New York and moves to Georgia

According to some Republican lawmakers and company leaders, the decision comes in the wake of Democrat-driven anti-gun laws that make it difficult to do business.

Remington is leaving New York and moving to Georgia. What is the oldest gun factory in the country has decided to move its headquarters, according to some Republican lawmakers as well as several company leaders, after several anti-gun laws pushed by Democrats were passed in the state that hindered its work activity.

Rep. Elise Stefanik and state Sen. Mark Walczyk are among the Republicans who blamed these restrictive laws for Remington's move. Stefanik explained, in statements picked up by Fox News Digital, that the blame was on Kathy Hochul, the Democratic governor, whom she urged to abandon her attack on the factory and, specifically, on the amendment allowing the carrying of guns: "Hochul must stop her unconstitutional assault on the Second Amendment now," she declared.

However, Hochul did not budge and caused the historic company to leave. The headquarters, located in the New York town of Mohawk Valley, will close its doors in March leaving behind more than 200 years in the Empire Estate. A decision deeply regretted by Illion's mayor, John P. Stephens who spoke to The New York Times to show his regret for the closure: "Two hundred and eight years of history. Gone, gone. Ilion is Remington. Remington is Ilion."

Hundreds of people to lose their jobs due to Remington relocation

Stephens also assured that up to 300 people will lose their jobs in this small town of 7,600 people located approximately 230 miles northwest of New York City. This will mean not only significant economic losses of up to $1 million in revenue, but also, the mayor assured the Daily Mail, that the town will lose "its soul":

It's like the town is losing its soul. It's almost like losing a family member. That's the thing that people are struggling with, the nostalgia, the history. It feels like we are losing the identity of the town. I've spoken to a few businesses, that's the part financially that's going to hurt. Even if it's only 300 people, they still buy gas, they still buy shoes. That's going to be a hit to the local businesses.

Remington's new location will be in Georgia. A state that, according to the company's leaders, welcomes them because it is a region that adopts the Second Amendment and does not, as in New York, bet on the anti-gun laws promoted by Governor Hochul. This was explained in a press release Ken D'Arcy, the CEO of RemArms, Remington's parent company:

We are very excited to come to Georgia, a state that not only welcomes business but enthusiastically supports and welcomes companies in the firearms industry. Everyone involved in this process has shown how important business is to the state and how welcoming they are to all business, including the firearms industry.