Record methamphetamine and fentanyl seizures at the southern border

Border Protection seized $12 million worth of drugs during a raid in Texas.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents seized $11.9 million worth of methamphetamine shipments at the Del Rio (Texas) port of entry on September 5. It was the largest methamphetamine seizure in the border port's history, according to a press release from authorities.

"This massive methamphetamine seizure is the largest in the port's history and reflects our officers' unwavering commitment to CBP's border security mission and their effective application of technology, training and expertise," said Port Director Liliana Flores.

Agents discovered 320 packages containing 1,337 pounds of methamphetamine inside a tractor carrying a shipment of diesel tank containers for secondary inspection.

The finding was made possible after conducting a canine and non-intrusive inspection system examination, which led to the discovery of the drugs, the agency reported.

Seizures in Texas and Arizona

According to The Just The News the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents seized record amounts of fentanyl and methamphetamine in Arizona and Texas during the first few days of this month, imported by Mexican cartels and foreign nationals attempting to illegally enter the United States.

Officers seized 625,000 pills in Nogales, Arizona, in five separate inspections over the Labor Day weekend, reported Michael Humphries, Director of CBP's Nogales Port of Entry, according to information published by The Just The News. Inside the merchandise there were 12,000 rainbow-colored fentanyl pills, four pounds of fentanyl in powder form, 34 pounds of methamphetamine and five pounds of marijuana.

On August 22, agents seized the second largest amount of fentanyl in U. S. history at the Nogales Port of Entry. Through an inspection of an 18-wheeler, they discovered 1.27 million pills and 104 pounds of cocaine in the floor compartment of a trailer. On the floor of the vehicle, they also found about 300,000 pills, two pounds of fentanyl powder, 13 pounds of heroin and 10 pounds of cocaine.

The quantities seized were reported after fentanyl seizures at the southern border increased by nearly 200% in July. In that month alone, federal agents seized more than 2,100 pounds of the illicit drug, the highest amount seized in at least the last four fiscal years. It was 202% more than the 640 pounds of fentanyl seized in June.

Fentanyl has become the narcotic of choice for traffickers entering the country from Mexico. In 2021, CBP seized more of this drug than heroin for the first time. Most of the illicit fentanyl circulating in the United States is manufactured in clandestine laboratories of Mexican drug cartels, using chemicals shipped from China.

Elsewhere in the El Paso sector of Texas, agents seized more than 3,000 pounds of cocaine, 133 pounds of marijuana, made 42 arrests and forfeited the equivalent of $23.1 million in just one week this month.