Police find no evidence of hate crime in murder of Detroit synagogue president

Investigators are working with the FBI to forensically analyze all information obtained so far about Samantha Woll's death.

Detroit Police indicated that they are investigating the murder of the president of a synagogue in Michigan (Detroit), Samantha Woll. They explained that so far, the evidence found in the case suggests that it is not a hate or anti-Semitic crime.

"The investigation into the death of Ms. Woll remains ongoing. At this time, however, no evidence has surfaced suggesting that this crime was motivated by antisemitism", Police Chief James E. White said in a statement. a statement posted on X (formerly Twitter).

The authorities explained that Police Department investigators are working with the Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to forensically analyze all the information obtained so far. The intention is to determine the timeline that ultimately led to Woll's death.

"Individuals with information that may further this investigation are being interviewed. I again ask the community to remain patient while our investigators and law enforcement partners continue their work," the police chief said.

The Samantha Woll case in Detroit

Samantha Woll, leader of a Detroit synagogue, was found dead outside her home. The local police found the lifeless body on Saturday morning and at the crime scene traces of blood were also found that reached the door of her residence.

Woll, forty years old, had led the Isaac Agree synagogue, located in the center of the city, since 2022. She had previously worked in politics for Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin and on the re-election campaign of Attorney General Dana Nessel, both Democrats.