Peso Pluma, threatened with death in Mexico: "It will be your last performance"

A series of posters signed by the Jalisco Cartel New Generation appeared in Tijuana, Mexico, urging the Featherweight to cancel his next show in the border city.

The young Mexican artist Peso Pluma sings about love, money and the narco world. The third thing has transcended, last Tuesday, from the plane of music: a series of posters threatening to kill the artist appeared hanging from a bridge in Tijuana, Mexico.

"This goes to you, Peso Pluma. Refrain from presenting on October 14 because it will be your last performance. This is because of your disrespectful and loose tongue HPM. You introduce yourself and I'm going to beat the s*** out of you," one of the four banners reads.

The text is signed "CJNG," in reference to the narco group Jalisco Cartel New Generation.
(Twitter: EF SoftNews)

Edgar Mendoza, Tijuana's regional prosecutor, told local media that they had arrested a suspect, who has been charged with terrorism. However, he admitted to not knowing if he is part of the CJNG.

The motives behind the intimidation are also not known with certainty, although it is speculated that they could be due to Peso Pluma's references to the Sinaloa cartel, an enemy of the New Generation. 'El Gavilán', for example, tells the story of a soldier of the group founded by Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán:

I'm from Chapo Guzman's people
Don't bother me that I can get angry
I'll introduce myself, I am El Gavilán...

Another example is 'Always Pending':

In an Urus I go for a ride
Ten vans look back
I take care of Mr. Guzmán's square...

So far the artist did not respond to the threats. No changes were announced to the performance mentioned in the poster, although the local authorities are considering canceling it.

It remains in the air, then, the appearance of Featherweight on October 14 at the Caliente Stadium of the Xolos de Tijuana.