Perry school principal who confronted shooter to save students dies

Dan Marburger was in critical condition for 10 days after being shot several times. He tried to calm the shooter to give students time to flee.

Dan Marburger, the principal of Perry High School, died after 10 days in critical condition after being shot by a shooter who opened fire on the school campus on January 4. Marburger, who was shot several times. He confronted the attacker and tried to calm him down while giving students time to escape. An 11-year-old boy was killed and six others were injured, including the principal, who has since passed away.

"Dan lost his battle"

The family announced Marburger's death last Sunday in an update on the page that they had opened to cover the principal's medical expenses and subsequent recovery period. "Dan lost the battle. He fought hard and gave us 10 days that we will cherish forever," said Elizabeth Margrave.

Although the news has not fully set in yet, Dan Marburger gave the ultimate sacrifice. After 10 days, he lost his battle and this tragedy took his life. Although Dan is no longer fighting with us here, his family will continue to deal with the unfathomable for many days, week, and years to come. All of the Marburger family and the entire Perry Community will forever be touched by the selflessness of Mr. Marburger. This GoFundMe will continue to be used for the Marburger family as they process through and live out Dan's legacy.

On January 4, the day students resumed classes after Christmas break, 17-year-old Dyan Butler burst into Perry High School, opening fire on the students. Butler, who identified as trans and gender fluid, was a student at that same school and committed suicide after carrying out the attack.