Peacock announces the imminent premiere of 'Queer Planet,' a documentary that will promote the company's woke agenda

The streaming platform will broadcast the special on June 6 as part of the programming to celebrate Pride month.

Peacock is preparing for the celebration of Pride month, when the network will promote its woke agenda. In this way, the streaming platform, owned by NBCUniversal, announced the imminent premiere of "Queer Planet," a special that will broadcast on June 6 as part of the programming they have designed with the aim of promoting "LGBTQI+ tolerance":

In this way, the documentary will attempt to demonstrate the "full spectrum" of "queer" relationships that have existed in the animal kingdom for quite some time now, as "Queer Planet" narrator Andrew Rannells explained in a press release:

We’ve all heard of gay penguins, but this film really opened my eyes to the full spectrum of LGBTQ+ behaviors across the natural world. And what could be more natural than being who you are? I’m excited to be part of ‘Queer Planet,’ especially during Pride Month, and on Peacock, surely the most colorful and glamorous of all the streaming services.

Peacock’s strategy to ‘educate about the complex diversity of animal sexuality’

To this end, the documentary will cover, as IndieWire learned, "the rich diversity of animal sexuality — from flamboyant flamingos to pansexual primates, sex-changing clownfish to multi-gendered mushrooms and everything in between. This documentary looks at extraordinary creatures, witnesses amazing behaviors, and introduces the scientists questioning the traditional concept of what’s natural when it comes to sex and gender."

The film, produced by Martha Holmes, will attempt "not only to entertain but also to 'educate' viewers about the complex diversity of animal sexuality." However, Peacock's strategy has not convinced many people who believe that animal behavior cannot be compared to human behavior: