Pamela Price is the second prosecutor backed by George Soros to be robbed in less than a month

Jason Williams was robbed earlier this month. The district attorney of Alameda County (California) had her work laptop stolen.

Alameda County (California) District Attorney Pamela Price was robbed while attending a meeting. Price, who took office in November 2022, was endorsed by leftist tycoon George Soros. She is an advocate of soft-on-crime policies.

The events occurred last Friday at the Family Justice Center, located on 27th Street and Telegraph Avenue (Oakland). As reported by ABC7 News, the thieves smashed the windows of Price's vehicle, which was parked in the parking lot, and stole her work laptop.

Price then called the police to report the incident. In the end, she decided to file a report online.

Law enforcement is investigating the incident. They provided a number people can call to report any useful information.

Price was backed by Soros

Price first ran for Alameda County District Attorney in 2018. She lost the election to Nancy O'Malley, who obtained 57.8% of the votes compared to Price's 42.2%.

In that election, she received generous financial support from Justice and Public Safety of California, a PAC funded entirely by George Soros. Soros spent more than $559,000 on Price's campaign, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. 

She lost and ran again in 2022. She won and became Alameda County's district attorney.

Second Soros prosecutor to be robbed in less than a month

In mid-October, Jason Williams, district attorney of Orleans Parish (Louisiana), was robbed at gunpoint along with his 78-year-old mother. The thieves, who were carrying automatic weapons, stole his vehicle. Neither were injured in the incident.

Williams took office in 2020. He had the financial backing of Soros, who contributed $220,000 to his campaign. Among his election statements, the now Orleans Parish district attorney said that "being more selective about prosecutions will allow us to focus on the crimes that matter most to all of us. We’ve got to go beyond punishment and invest in our community."