Newsom makes California the "world's fifth largest economy" with the worst energy policies

Newsom is "the embodiment of the green energy coursing through the veins of the Democratic Party faithful." His candidacy for president would represent "the most aggressive and radical environmental record."

California, with a gross domestic product of $3.4 trillion, is considered to be "the fifth largest economy in the world." However, Governor Gavin Newsom's progressive policies are causing many Californians and companies based in the Golden State to pack up their belongings and leave for other locations that offer a better quality of life and less restrictive business conditions.

Many of the measures implemented by the Democratic governor declare war on fossil fuels and traditional energy producers from the beginning of his term.

"California...powered by green energy."

Rick Withbeck notes in Real Clear Energy, that Newsom "has tried to make California the shining example of a state powered by green energy.... And while he knows that wind and solar power won't meet Californians' demands, that doesn't stop him from forcibly eliminating traditional energy solutions."

However, so far, due to high temperatures and unfavorable weather conditions, the Democrat is forced to continue contracting natural gas and diesel plants to meet the state's needs. As a result, Californians suffer constant power outages and blackouts for energy they pay for at one of the highest costs in the nation.

The governor is also "part of an intentional plan in conjunction with green groups to make the cost of transitioning to electric vehicles seem acceptable." In mid-2022, he declared that all new passenger vehicles sold in California by 2035 would be electric, banning gasoline-powered vehicles.

His latest measure is taxing oil companies for their extraordinary profits. As a result, Californians pay the highest price for gasoline in the country, over $6.15 per gallon, compared to the national average of $3.90.

Will Newsom attempt to make it to the White House?

The article, Gavin Newsom and California Have the Worst Energy Policies in the Country, points out the fact that two weeks before the midterm elections there has been speculation about the possible successors to Joe Biden, who will turn 80 in November, which has generated a hostile environment in the Democratic Party although "High atop any pundit's list is California Governor Gavin Newsom."

In many ways, he is the ideal candidate for a party searching for its next leader. Tall, handsome and with an enviable head of hair, 55-year-old Newsom is a relative baby compared to his party's aging infrastructure.. And he has rejected an impeachment attempt by the Republican Party.

Newsom is "the embodiment of the green energy coursing through the veins of the Democratic Party faithful." They note that his candidacy would represent "the most aggressive and radical environmental record, even when compared to Vice President Kamala Harris or Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, both of whom have credible environmental bona fides."

If Newsom tries to make it to the White House and brings his extreme environmental beliefs to the campaign trail, Americans would be wise to reject both. Especially in rural areas of the United States.